7 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Yoga In Your Fitness Regime

Yoga, one of the oldest forms of fitness regimes caters to the mind and body. It is a complete workout all by itself. The basic principles of yoga are based on breath control, meditation, relaxation, posture and flexibility. India was the hub of yoga in ancient times, but due to its effectiveness, it has spread to all parts of the world.

Why Yoga? How does it help in fitness?

1.Flexibility: Yoga has repetitive moves that over a period of time, improve the body’s flexibility without much strain or pressure. The aches and pains that are experienced the first few days don’t persist after a couple of days.

2.Muscle Strength: Muscles are defined and the fat is burned away. Fitness can be maintained without being muscular too. Muscle strengthening helps prevent tears and sprains. The muscles imbibe elasticity, endurance and strength.

3.Posture: Yoga is designed in such a way that one can get the perfect posture. Over a period of time, misalignment can be corrected with yoga, without invasive means such as surgery.

4.Blood Circulation: Yoga is known to increase blood flow to the farthest parts of the body. It helps each cell in the body receive oxygen, ensuring that it functions smoothly. Clot promoting proteins are not allowed to get deposited, thus preventing the blockage or arteries and veins.

5.Bone strength: Yoga exercises involve movement of all body joints. It strengthens the joints, improves flexibility and protects from easy breakage and fractures.

6.Relaxation: Yoga is a relatively slow workout that doesn’t involve high intensity running and weights. It helps the body and mind cool down after the workout, inducing a fresh feeling.

7.Immunity: Yoga is known to drain the unwanted lymph in the body and helps the immunity system function efficiently. It isn’t all about falling ill but also about heling quickly without any residual injuries.

The best possible way to stay fit is to perform 10 surya namaskaras every day. Celebrity fitness experts swear by this rule. It is easy, requires a couple of minutes and works all the muscle groups of the body. On days that you don’t seem you have time for your usual workout, you can always resort to yoga.

Yoga is not just about the exercise, but the part involving a proper diet, nutrition, meditation and constant exercising. For those who feel that yoga is a slow of boring exercise routine, try to incorporate it in your fitness regime once or twice a week. You will be able to see the noticeable difference in your strength, endurance and flexibility.

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