9 Reasons To Dance Your Way To Fitness

Who doesn’t like to dance? Dance is a celebration of love, success, the existence and the very being of an individual. Many people are so passionate about it that they take it up as a profession.

Dance is basically the movement of the body rhythmically in a certain way, to express an emotion or an idea, or for the delight of the movement itself. For professionals, it is a combination of powerful impulse and skillful choreography, which can entertain the spectators. There are a lot of dance forms all over the world like Folk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, to name a few. Anyway, isn’t it great that the act which we like doing so much, also has health benefits?

Many of us would not be aware of the fact that Dance, which we do for general merriment, has a great physical, psychological as well as social benefits.

Here is a list of some advantages which could motivate people to inculcate Dance in their fitness regime.

PHYSICAL STRENGTH: Dancing is a workout in itself. It reaches every muscle in the body providing overall physical strength. It tones the muscles and reduces weight and you would be performing every physical act gracefully without even realising it.

HAPPY HEART AND LUNGS: As you would be rhythmically moving, the heart races and the lungs catch hold of more oxygen resulting in improved circulation. So, it is not only a workout for the body, but also for the heart and lungs.

FLEXIBLE BODY: Most people have a job where they have to sit in a chair for hours together. They are likely to feel body pain and strain. But having Dance as their routine provides them a flexible body reducing the pain and keeping strain at bay. Not only that, dancing can result in a balanced body ameliorating the posture and strengthening the core.

AWARENESS:We all know the importance of Awareness in our lives. Now we don’t have to struggle to achieve it. By doing the simple act of Dance every day, we can become aware of our body, our emotions and our surroundings which would improve our behaviour towards ourselves and towards the others.

STRESS REDUCTION: The rate of stress level among people is increasing day by day due to work pressure, family issues, or relationship problems. Dancing has been proved to reduce the stress hormone - Cortisol and boost the happy hormone – Endorphin, leaving us with an elated feeling the entire day.

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER: Majority of people are afraid to socialize because of the lacking confidence. Dancing is like mastering a new skill which could give you a feeling of pride and accomplishment, thereby, boosting your confidence

MEMORY BOOSTER: Dancing motivates you to memorize the things which you find difficulty in. As you will be having a habit of recalling the steps and your body postures while doing the steps, eventually, you will be able to recollect everything else more quickly than before.

BONE STRENGTH: There is good news for people suffering from Osteoporosis. Dancing is proved to be one of the best ways to cure and even prevent the disorder. Also, increased flexibility and balance can reduce the chances of Fractures.

SOCIALIZING SKILLS: This is, of course, a known fact that we build connections once we join dance class. Increased confidence could even help us to approach new people, thus, increasing our socializing skills.

Now we don’t have to get up early and go to the gym to stay in shape. For all the people out there, who wish to stay fit without much efforts, Dance has got you covered! Make sure to keep aside an hour of your day for your happiness!

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