Top 5 Reasons to follow an Integrated Fitness regime

We are still in the euphoria of ushering the New Year, the only time of the year that sees resolutions turn into reality. How many of us had “fitness” on the list?

Fitness is often misunderstood to be limited to the appropriate BMI or Body Mass Index. Fitness goes beyond just that. Fitness is a healthy combination of cardio-respiratory endurance, muscle endurance and strength, flexibility and body composition. If you are someone who is taking fitness seriously, some questions that come up are: Which is the best fitness regime? How frequently should I practice or work out? Etc.

Multiple Fitness Regimes are one of the best ways to get fit and stay fit. Some of the most popular fitness regimes include: Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Swimming, Gym, sports, etc. It’s all a matter of choice and convenience.

Multiple Fitness Regimes involve following channelized work out plans on a regular basis. This workout regime depends on the particular fitness goal that is set by you. Fitness goals range from weight loss to weight gain, endurance to flexibility. Here is why you should consider a multiple fitness regime workout to reach your goals.

When you stick to a particular fitness regime, your body gets used to the same exercise and movements involved in that regime. The beginning may challenge your body, but as you continue, you will hit a plateau where your body is no longer challenged. A good regime integrates these five elements in the right proportion:

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Strength Training
  • Core Exercise
  • Balance Training
  • Stretching

  • Some advantages of following an integrated fitness regime are:

    1.Easy Weight Loss and Fat Loss:

    An integrated workout helps to work out all the different muscle groups in our body. That way, it becomes a full body workout. For those whose goal is fat loss, an integrated workout is an effective option, so that you don’t have to depend only on cardio to burn excess fat and calories. Those of you who have weight loss as your goal, integrated workouts give you the opportunity to slim down areas which are flabby be it arms, thighs, tummy or neck.

    2.Quicker Results:

    Multiple Fitness Regimes give quicker results because overall, the whole body is being involved in the workout, not just biceps, hamstring and abs. You will see an all-round result. You are closer to your fitness goal in a shorter span of time which will help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goal.

    3.Break in monotony:

    In the initial stages, it is easy to stay motivated, but as you keep repeating the same workout each day, your body reaches a stage which is like a plateau. The muscles don’t find the exercise stimulating since it is already used to it. The muscles tend to become slack due to lack of exertion. With a fitness regime that incorporates different workouts, the body is less likely to feel the monotony due to changing activity each time. This way, your body does not lose its resistance power easily.

    4.Motivation throughout:

    With a new workout each day, you will feel motivated to follow through. A single workout is more likely to be a routine which you may stop enjoying after the initial excitement wears off. In your workout cycle, you know that you are covering all muscle groups and you are likely to be waiting to see the results sooner. This will push you to stay focused.

    5.Better Strength and Flexibility:

    With Multiple Fitness Regimes, you get the added advantage of having better strength and flexibility due to the fact that not just the main muscle groups, but all muscle groups are being exercised in one regime or the other. For example, a workout like aerobics pumps adrenaline into your blood stream, a simple yoga pose gives you a calm and composed feeling. Thus, flexibility and strength never get compromised.

    When you incorporate an integrated fitness regime in your daily routine, you will see a major difference in the first two weeks, in contrast to the 6-8 weeks that are needed to see positive results when following only one workout.

    If you are considering fitness plans involving integrated multiple fitness regimes, you can subscribe here. Let us resolve to follow through with our fitness goals without giving up. A small step towards fitness goes a long way.

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