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HOPFIT for corporates

Happy and fit employees

Happy employees are fruitful employees. Having journeyed in the same field, we faced the pitfalls of balancing work life with personal life. Fitness always took the backseat. Help your employees get fit and stay motivated as they get to choose from various regimes that suits their needs and interests.


The best gyms and studios with an Hopfit membership plan.

Employee fitness

Motivation is what most employees need to perform better. What better option than to provide fitness options that can bring out the best in employees?

Multiple Regimes

Health issues are common these days. Let your employees choose from a wide range of workout regimen according to their needs.


Travel and traffic are synonymous to today's lifestyle. Employees can pick any center of their choice on the way to work or back home. No extra commute and traffic snarls.


Exercising daily can boost productivity by up to 20% according to studies. Isn't it a sight to behold when your employees walk in motivated each day?