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Getting Started

Each fitness regime is worth between 3 to 12 credits based on the fitness regime/studio. When you walk in to the fitness studio, scan the QR code and the due number of credits will be deducted.
Easy recharge! Top up from the various plans and continue towards your fitness goal, hassle free!
Based on your fitness goals, you can take up as many sessions as you want, until you run out of credits or until the validity expires.
If you have pre-booked the session, it has to be canceled 2 hours prior to the slot. If else credits deducted for that particular session will not be refunded.
Yes. Prior reservation of workouts is mandatory. Once you reach the studio scan the QR code to begin the session.
Based on certain parameters pertaining to facilities provided and services offered some studios are marked as prime. Usually prime studios have higher credits assigned to them.
Yes, you need to take your phone to scan the QR code even if the session is pre booked. In case of any network connectivity issues please contact the studio front desk.
Yes, you can workout at any specific studio using your membership. However, we are not selling any particular studio memberships nor trying to compete with their pricing.In some cases access might be limited to classes/timings showcased on the app.
We actively strive to keep our users, studio partners happy but since we are a dynamic business some studios might be delisted pertaining to multiple reasons. In such cases we provide alternate facilities to avoid inconvenience to users.
GOI has issued safety guidelines that need to be followed while visiting studios.


Yes! Transferring the membership is as easy as sending us a mail. Send us a mail at with the ownership and transfer details. We’ll revert in 24-48 hours .
The validity starts from the day of the subscription. Each plan has a different validity. Choose from plans that are valid for one month, three months, six months or twelve months.
A subscription can be paused for up to 30 days. For a subscription of 6 months, you can pause it up to 15 days. For a 1 year subscription, you can pause for up to 30 days.
We've got your back! We had paused your membership as on 16th March we would be reactivating them on a pro-rata basis. Your new validity will be calculated based on the number of days you had remaining as on 16th march!


Refund can be claimed 7 days from the date of subscription. The amount will be refunded as per the norms. Drop us a mail with your request. After the 7 day lapse, no refund can be claimed.
No. We understand your concern the past 5 months have been difficult times for everyone across the world. We won't be able to initiate the refund, however, we will transfer your subscription to any family/friends who can continue using it. Please write to support@hopfit.in for further clarification.